5 Things You Need to Understand When Buying Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare is a life changing health care initiative that allows seniors and qualifying participants to enroll in government sponsored healthcare coverage. With this kind of coverage enrollees are guaranteed access to quality healthcare at affordable rates.  Medicare participants are allowed to pick and choose a Medicare policy that fits their health care and budget needs.  If you are you considering buying a Medicare Supplemental Insurance there are a few things to note as you are looking into choosing between Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, and Medicare Advantage as well as supplemental Medicare insurance plans.
Understanding Medicare:
  1. Eligibility
Medicare supplement insurance companies offer additional medical coverage to Original Medicare enrollees.  If you are a participant in a Medicare Advantage plan you are not eligible to purchase supplemental insurance.  The truth is that it is impossible to buy one of the twelve supplemental policies unless you already enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. Getting Medicare Part A requires a person to be age 65 or have another qualifying event.  It is the Medicare participant’s job to obtain their initial Medicare coverage.  Buying Medicare supplement insurance plans become easy when you have both Medicare parts A and B respectively.
  1. Coverage
Just like any other insurance policy, Medicare supplement insurance policies cover certain procedures depending on which of the twelve plans you decide on. It is prudent to ensure that you compare the coverage offered between the different Medicare supplement plans that you are looking to purchase. A little research on the subject can be life changing for you. Buying coverage that you are unfamiliar with can end becoming more of an inconvenience rather than a benefit to ones health. It is important to remember that Medicare supplemental plans only cover the participant that purchased the policy. This means that you need to buy a separate coverage for your spouse.
  1. Networking
One of the beautiful things about Medicare supplemental insurance policies is that there are no network restrictions. With your policy, you have the option of seeking medical assistance from your preferred hospitals and doctors as long as they choose to accept Medicare. Your Medicare supplement insurance plan will then pay the healthcare provider according to the Medigap (Medicare Supplemental Insurance) policy agreement. This flexibility allows patients to choose their own doctors without the complications of referrals and such.
  1. Prices
It is worth mentioning that prices vary between different Medicare supplement insurance plans.  The actual coverage of plans differs as well. The one thing that does not change is that Plan A coverage is the same no matter which Medicare supplemental insurance company you choose to purchase it from. Plan A is Plan A from provider one or provider two.  Don’t be surprised when you find that you are required to pay more or less than a spouse, friend, friend, or relative. Medicare supplement insurance plan prices are not yet standardized because of this each insurance company is entitled to set their own rates effectively. The easiest way of getting the best rate in the market is to that your time comparing what different Medigap companies are charging.
  1. Claims
Patients and their doctors are not required to file claims because the rates are set by Medicare directly. This makes life more bearable for those seeking outpatient services. Claims are filed electronically. Medicare will send an explanation of benefits to you and your Medicare insurance provider for every Medicare claim they pay.
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